Your challenges

In our rapidly changing and complex world, the main challenge for most organisation is improving the ability to continuously and rapidly adapt to changing requirements and new opportunities.

This ability to adapt has been and will be the key differentiator between the leading organisations and those which will struggle to perform and ultimately disappear (like Tandem, Wang, Nokia, Motorola).

Typical challenges:


Teams do not recognize the real reason for declining performance. They do not collaborate to reach adequate solutions.

Strategy execution

Projects derail or stall in the execution phase. Often there is a lack of collaboration or constructive view on which the project is not successful.

Business innovation

Most innovations are too much focussed on maintaining current business and too little on securing future business.

People engagement

People engagement is low. Engagement initiatives have failed, because they did not solve the root cause for low engagement.

Buy-in and support

Initiatives receive little buy-in and support from top management and other levels. Strong business cases, change management, leader-ship programmes and communications have not helped.


For manufacturing companies, service-orientation has great potential for success. However, such a change in business model is quite challenging.