Momentum Roadmap

Mobilise momentum

The organisation has a fairly low level of momentum. Momentum Practices & Perspectives are hardly implemented.

Often, a few business leaders focus on increasing awareness and a shared concern about momentum and sustainable success.

With their personal leadership approach and actions, they create arousal, dynamics and action.

Increase momentum

The organisation has some level of motion and energy in some parts of the organisation - often heavily driven by a few business leaders.

Momentum will be further increased by mobilising a critical mass and implementing more and more of the Momentum Practices and Perspectives through the entire organisation.

Momentum gradually becomes an integral part of daily practices and habits many people. However, business leaders still need to drive the new practices and prevent the people from falling back into old habits.

Sustain momentum

The organisation has a high level of momentum and applies most of the Momentum Practices and Perspectives.

The next step is to embed the practices and perspectives of the Momentum Practices and Perspectives into the mind-set of everyone. It becomes part of the everyone's DNA.

Momentum will become less dependent upon the individual business leaders and will survive changes of leadership teams.