Our Research: Increasing Momentum for Sustainable Success

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Truly achieving sustainable success is quite a challenge. The world is changing at an increasing speed and becoming more complex than ever.

Many companies struggle with:

  • Adequate interventions for ongoing performance issues
  • Execution of projects and new strategies
  • Innovation of their business for future success
  • Addressing (potentially) disruptive changes
  • Managing and meeting expectations of shareholders

Most management and leadership methods from management literature about strategy, change, innovation and performance do not deliver the desired results and require a lot of energy. They fight against the consequences of traditional “predict, plan & control”- management practices, which make organisations rigid and resistant to change. The name of the game is still “coping with the wall against change we have created ourselves”.

Wouldn’t it be great, instead, to prevent the existence of the wall against change? People and teams would continuously adapt to changing requirements and new opportunities. They are eager to perform, to make things happen and to develop. Change would require little extra energy, because the momentum makes it easy.
The name of the game then would be creating “momentum for sustainable success”.

Our research aims to define a pragmatic and foundational framework of management practices and perspectives enabling you to increase and sustain momentum for sustainable success, to strengthen your competitive position step-by-step.

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